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about scott leigh

         Scott Leigh in the recording studio!

     In 2010, Scott was recognized nationally and internationally after producing a musical commercial for his father’s campaign. It was featured on FOX News, CNN and CBS News, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine and The Wallstreet Journal and others. Since then, Scott has been persued by many different organizations and clients to write and produce music, videos and commercials. But his true love and main focus remains his positive educational music.

     Scott started his career as a dancer, training nine hours a day and performing up and down the East Coast. His most memorable moment was a tribute for the tragedy of September 11th. Scott was chosen to perform a piece portraying a firefighter lost in the rubble of the Trade Towers. Through this dramatic and heart wrenching piece that combined singing, dancing and acting; Scott brought the audience to tears. It was at this moment Scott realized the power a performer could bring to the stage. After that experience, there was no turning back. Scott set out to find new, more meaningful and creative outlets.

   He started pursing a career as a singer, but still found time to sneak away from the recording studio to continue dancing and choreographing. He has had the honor of working with some of the biggest names in Latin, European, dance and country music, dancing in music videos, choreographing tours and performing in Award shows. He also found time for commercial and model work for companies such as McDonalds, Nike, AT&T and Toyota; but he never lost his focus of music.

   Scott knew the stage was a platform to reach out to the audience and he wanted to make a difference. He decided to create positive, educational, fun music for children. Now he can be heard on radio and seen on tour. He teaches and raisse awareness in a fun interactive way through his music dealing with topics such as; abduction awareness, bullying, believing in yourself, exercising and more.

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